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Electrical Infrared Inspections in Ottawa

Thermal imaging is one of the best diagnostic tools to identify electrical problems in commercial and industrial applications. Using an infrared camera, McGowan can conduct a thorough electrical infrared inspection of your commercial or industrial sites. With a thermal inspection, problems can be found and prevented before they cause damage to your personnel, equipment and facility.


As a thermal inspection is no contact, it is also great tool to use when electrical components have limited or dangerous access. 

Detailed Inspection

Infrared electrical inspections find hotspots caused by defects in connections or electrical components.


Using an infrared camera, our certified thermographers will inspect your site to identify hotspots, detect system overloads, loose defective components and damaged switchgear.

Numerous Benefits

  • No service interruption during the inspection

  • Identify and resolve issues with electrical components before they fail

  • Lower repair cost

  • Lower risk to personnel, site equipment and facility

  • Prevention of catastrophic failures

Amazing Results

After the thermal inspection, McGowan will put together a report which details the inspection results. Findings will be prioritized based on potential risk to your facility, and McGowan will outline a detailed preventative maintenance plan. 

With regular thermal inspections, you will be able to stay ahead of potential problems. 




We look forward to discussing how a thermal inspection can benefit you.

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